AyS Automoción S.L. 
  Pol. Pradillo, c/ Aneto 25, 50690 PEDROLA, ZARAGOZA (SPAIN)
  Tlfno : (34)976654501  Fax: (34)976654504 

  AyS spp S.L.
  Pol. Entrerríos, Ctra N-232 Km. 29, OPEL (nave 21) 50639 FIGUERUELAS
  ZARAGOZA (SPAIN).  Tlfno: (34)976654501,   Fax: (34)976654504

  e-mail:  ays@aysgrupo.com
where we are our values resources our contribution
Products and Process Verification
Assemblies of Groups and Subsets
Repair and Rework
Customer Representation
Shot blasting and Painting process


The group AyS owns properly conditioned facilities so that its clients can prepare, in any moment and during the required time, an appropriate storage area.

Our Quality Management System, guarantees the suitable identification and conservation of products and/or materials, avoiding its loss, damage or deterioration, we offer a sequencing service and delivers in just in time.

We are well equipped with transport and manipulation means for materials loads as much for short itineraries, as for services in highway. In addition we have enough personal to cover the necessities of our clients.