AyS Automoción S.L. 
  Pol. Pradillo, c/ Aneto 25, 50690 PEDROLA, ZARAGOZA (SPAIN)
  Tlfno : (34)976654501  Fax: (34)976654504 

  AyS spp S.L.
  Pol. Entrerríos, Ctra N-232 Km. 29, OPEL (nave 21) 50639 FIGUERUELAS
  ZARAGOZA (SPAIN).  Tlfno: (34)976654501,   Fax: (34)976654504

  e-mail:  ays@aysgrupo.com
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The companies AyS S.P.P. S. L., and AyS Automoción integrate the AyS Group. Ays was founded in 1993 to cover the necessities, of the growing demand of the industry, to externalise their auxiliary areas, of their productive processes.

The main target of our group is to offer an alternative to the industries (of the automotive, railroader, textile and other branches), committing with the Quality to the first time, the continuous improvement and the total satisfaction of our clients.

The availability of highly qualified human resources and in agreement material resources, as well as our trajectory in the market, makes us leaders in the works of products verification and processes as well as highly competent in the rest of the services that we offer.